the acme principle is

Mike Clayton, guitar and vocals
Dave Domal, drums
Bob Henne, bass
Wes Johnson, guitar

Created in the Fall of 2011, The Acme Principal (formerly Mad Science Fair) is the brainchild of songwriter Mike Clayton, ex-front man of the legendary Champaign band Hot Glue Gun. Drummer Dave Domal, formerly of Imaginary Posse,. bassist Bob Henne, of CU cult favorite EKG and guitarist Wes Johnson of Vvvvv! round off the roster. In this new incarnation, they have transcended their sound, taking the band to a new level.

In an industry dominated by riff bands, The Acme Principal relies on old school songwriting to make their case. They mix driving rhythm, seething guitar, and take no-prisoners vocals, creating a rush of sound you can’t ignore.

The album “Non-Age-Appropriate Music” is a ten car pile-up on a highway to the sun. Each song melting into a new permutation of the Rock. It races past Thrasher Punk, skids on Hot-Rod rockabilly, drives threw Rap-Metal, coasts down Shoe-gazer Drone and parks on a Country Ballad.


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